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Build Time

So you've just bought your Architecture and you're looking to get building? You've come to right place! Here you'll be able to find a growing list of video tutorials that'll take you through building your new model!

Currently videos are not available for all products! But hey we're working on it! :D

Product  Variant SKU Video Tutorial Link
Bridge Starter Kit MA001
Tower Kit MA002
Bridge Span MA003
Bridge Ramp MA004
Bridge Handrails MA005
Modular Dock MA006 Linky
The Outpost MA007 Linky
Mini Ship Port MA008
Medium Ship Port MA009
Mega Ship Port MA010
Space Base Corridors (pack of 2) MA011
Double Trouble Garage MA012
Sniper Lookout Tower MA013
Radio Tower MA014
Ladder Pack MA015
Space Base Long Corridor MA016
Satellite Dish MA017
Shipping Container MA018
Bridge Walls MA019
Office Block Starter Kit MA020
Window Floor MA021
Triple Slats Floor MA022
Double Slats Floor MA023
Retro Floor MA024
Hex Floor MA025
Viewing Window Floor MA026
Roof Top Balcony MA027
Double Door MA028
Barracks MA029
Shop Front MA030
Pill Box MA031