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Scale: 15mm

Bridge Starter Kit


Have you ever been playing a game and wanted to add some elevation to the field?

The Tech-5 modular bridge is designed to add another element to your games. The modular design means you can have as large or small a bridge as suits your game. And you also have control over how tall the bridges are, stack towers to make higher bridges!

Bridge Starter Kit includes:
2 x Towers
1 x 184mm Bridge span
1 x Male and female end caps
1 x 32mm Ladder
2 x Ramps
2 x Handrails


Size & Scale

This is an unpainted laser cut flat pack kit. You will have to pop the pieces out and put them together. For the best results use the “Best Build Guide” for instructions. (glue is not included in the kit).

All people and vehicles shown in photos are NOT included.**This is for 15mm Scale**





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