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Scale: 6mm

Pocket Quest Starter Kit

Pocket quest, a travelling dungeon crawl for 6mm miniatures. Take your chosen adventurer through the corridors and rooms of the ever evolving dungeon, choose your race and discipline, collect the riches within and gain experience for your character by exploring and defeating the evil minions that lay in wait. Suitable for 1-7 players, with varying difficulty levels or completely random generation this game will never play the same way twice. You can play the game as a series of campaigns which allow your character to develop, pick up skills and equipment as you play or simply as a one shot beer and pretzels game. All you need is contained within, add a pencil and your good to go although painting the provided miniatures really does add to the experience.

Produced by C&C Games, in conjunction with Perfect 6, The Miniature Architect and Leven Miniatures

Want more info? Check out Chris's blog post!

Miniatures do not come painted.

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What's Included

4 cross junction tiles
4 L corner tiles
4 T junction tiles
4 room tiles
1 box/ boss room
6 straight sections
2 dice
6 6mm adventurers
8 Portable doors
27 dungeon minions
Rule book
Character sheets (PDF Download)


Character Sheet

Back in the Box Instructions



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